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3DiQ Videos - Why Architects Love Working with MasonryiQ

Tom Cuneio, president of 3DiQ, talks about how their MasonryiQ Revit Plugin amplifies the creative power of Revit.

Streamline Architectural Masonry Design With MasonryiQ Plugin For Revit!

Tom Cuneio, president of 3DiQ, Inc. discusses how their MasonryiQ product not only gives architects incredible creative freedom, but it also helps them calculate and include the most minute of details.

How The MasonryiQ Revit Plugin Amplifies Masonry Producers Marketing To Architects

3DiQ Inc. works directly with Masonry Producers to load details of their products into their Revit Plugin. Architects can then design with the exact products, colors, textures. and sizes available in geographic proximity to the building site.

The MasonryiQ Revit Plugin from 3DiQ, Inc. Is a Game Changer!

Architects using Revit can now let their creativity and imagination loose when it comes to masonry. Instead of a standard "color swatch", they can choose specific masonry products from local producers and create intricate and impactful designs. The 3D modeling features let them see exactly what the final product will look like in great detail!

3DiQ Videos